Music and Medicine


Medicine and music. They aren’t words and things that are often put in the same sentence. And yet that weird combination is my life. I’m a musician, a songwriter and a doctor. Dreams come up against reality and science melds with and against art. Songs emerge. Sometimes to escape, sometimes to come to terms, and sometimes to reflect. As much as i’m an artist, i’m equally a scientist and thats kind of odd. 

I work in the NHS and i’m sure you have heard about the trials and difficulties its facing. Lack of staff, lack of funds and all that but beneath that are still doctors and nurses (they don’t get enough credit) who are doing their best against a struggling system.  Its not glamorous, its not ideal but it helps keep me grounded and helps me maintain a degree of objectivity in my songwriting. As an artist it helps fuel the tank. I write a lot. 

 Does music affect my work as a doctor? It's not something I've previously consciously thought about but when I have thought about it the likely answer is yes. In a way music acts as my own medicine. It empowers, it helps me make sense of things and helps me express whatever it is that has emerged in my stream of thought. It helps me rejoice, be angry, let things go and welcome other things in. It is mine and that is liberating. 

I can't help but feel i'm going to be producing records for years to come :)